LA actress turned spiritual radio show host, you may be thinking, just where did this girl come from? Truth be told, Shana Eva, has always been an active member of the spiritual community. Her mother, who ran psychic fairs in New York, raised Shana in an open-minded metaphysical household; where discussions of Ufology, psychic phenomena and paranormal activity were just another Tuesday night. She regularly attended disclosure-related meetings and at age 11 became the youngest member of NICUFO (National Investigations Committee on UFOs). Being deeply empathetic, Shana found personal catharsis through the dramatic arts, and immersed herself in acting, singing and dancing. She eventually took her talents to Hollywood and it was there that she connected with the Conscious Life Expo, becoming an annual staff member of their events. This endowed her with the opportunity to explore metaphysical interests while continuing to work in the entertainment industry. It was during a trip to Israel, however, that she experienced her first spiritual awakening of her adult life and began realigning with her soul’s mission. Through the medium of conscious broadcasting, she was to guide the human heart through a mass spiritual awakening. The Divine timeline for this awakening is happening NOW. We have the opportunity to evolve into a higher state of being and as we open our hearts in love and service to others, we will unlock Heaven on Earth.

Heart On Radio is Shana’s first passion project as a conscious content creator. She continues to perform as an actress in select projects and is working on developing a spiritually focused Network with fellow members of Team Light.

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